The items are made to order, I sometimes need a day or two of extra processing, this is also what assures you that it is quality craftsmanship.



Today, the trend is towards authenticity, we are looking for more simplicity, comfort and truth, we are learning to be more and more natural. But we still want to be feminine and have fun with fashion. So to give colour and fantasy to our faces, we rely on earrings!


Back in the Nineties, pins were the accessory that punctuated the outfit of the cool kids, freshly hung on a jean jacket or a backpack, to display most of the time a mischievous, anecdotal or engaged message. To accumulate or to wear individually, we adopt it to assert ourselves and personalize our outfits.


This collection was created with the help of Louise and Severine. This lovely mother/daughter duo imagined a fun collection of hand-woven jewellery, adapted to the rhythm of life of the youngest and especially to their tastes.


Have fun making your own jewellery, DIY lovers, the kits are made for you!


In a few sessions, you will be able to make your own necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pins... that will also make nice gifts.

Attached are 10 workshops offered this year

If you have a personal project, I am also here to help you realize it.
Classes are held every Tuesday (except during school vacations) from 9:30 to 11:30 am and from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

The workshop will take place from 2 participants and up to 6 maximum. If you wish to cancel I will ask you to notify me 48 hours in advance otherwise the course will be automatically deducted.

The courses are in French and English.


Ideally located in a nice shopping street in The Hague, So Bird and CO is home to the And Concept Store. The And Concept Store is a store that promotes artists and craftsmen from different fields.

Taking flight

"A tire d'E.L" is a play on words around the French expression "à tire d'ailes" which means, for a bird, to quickly take flight. Here, the wings have been replaced by the letters E.L, a nod to Electron Libre which was my first fashion jewellery brand and which enables me to create this second one today!

A tire d'E.L is a fashion jewellery brand resolutely creative. Each piece is handmade in my workshop, here, in The Hague, Netherlands. The creation of a jewel is a moment of intense emotion: the choice of the materials, the colours, the rhythms, the testing, the shaping.... all these steps to finally get to this wonderful moment when the jewel finally tells its story and takes flight.

-For better quality, durability and to limit the allergic risks, I work mainly with DQ metal (gold or silver coated) and stainless steel. For the beads, I use mostly Japanese glass beads from Miyuki 

-The models are original creations and handmade.

-Production to order for responsible consumption, which can extend the processing of the order by a few days.

-Delivery in Europe is offered to 50€. 

Who am I ?

Bénédicte Cador


I am a French living in the Netherlands since 2019. It’s here, by the sea fresh air that my vocation really grew on me. Embrace my imagination through my collections of fashion jewellery, dream as much as I dream on a colour, a stone, a shape. I already created my first fashion jewellery brand "l'Electron Libre" 17 years ago. Self-taught, I also trained in traditional jewellery techniques. Today," A Tire d'E.L" is not only a collection of jewellery in very small series but also Workshops, where I share with you techniques that will also enable you to discover the delights of creation.



So Bird &Co Piet Heinstraat 92A 2518 CL Den Haag

Monday to Friday 

10.00 AM - 17.00 PM